Original Retail Price was $1807 Totally Saving $408!!! 

High quality & suitable size & reasonable price 

*******Combo Includes********* 

1.RGM 900 silver square option 

Size:900*900*1830mm Chrome frame 

with 70mm tray, 2mm one piece ABS liner no join. 

2.T900mm wall hung vanity with square slim basin.White or black color to choose 

3.Shower waste trap 

4. Basin pop up waste 

5.Square slided shower head #1069 

6.Square basin mixer #2009 

7.Square shower mixer #L005A

8.Solid brass square elbow 

9.#A3958 toilet s or p trap to choose 

S pan: 140-250mm set out go through to the floor 

P pan: 180mm set out go through to the wall 

$50 extra changing to low pressure . 

**Please contact us at least one day before as we need to assemble the vanity** 

*Acrylic shower tray 

(Full perimeter 20mm upstand) 

*safety glass doors* 

(Toughened clear safety glass tested, under NZ/AS 2208:1996 safety glazing materials in buildings) 

*Nano coating easy cleaning glass 

*One piece 2mm acrylic wall liner. 

*Enclosure in satin silver frame(aluminium) 

*100% NZ and international standards 

*Included G.S.T

Included in the price:
Shower Liner 2 Sides 880X880X1900mm x 1 Weight:10.00KG. Dimension:1.9 x 0.33 x 0.88 (0.55176)CBM
Cabinet - Misty Series 900 White - 100% Water Proof x 1 Weight:30.30KG. Dimension:0.92 x 0.47 x 0.5 (0.21620)CBM
Ceramic Cabinet Basin - Rectangle Series 900 x 1 Weight:19.50KG. Dimension:0.92 x 0.485 x 0.2 (0.08924)CBM
Toilet Cistern - BTW Bella A3958 x 1 Weight:12.50KG. Dimension:0.41 x 0.46 x 0.18 (0.03395)CBM
Toilet Pan - BTW Bella A3958 x 1 Weight:28.50KG. Dimension:0.68 x 0.37 x 0.5 (0.12580)CBM
Shower Mixer - Square Series L005A x 1 Weight:1.03KG. Dimension:0.22 x 0.08 x 0.18 (0.00317)CBM
Basin Mixer - Square Series 2009 x 1 Weight:1.50KG. Dimension:0.255 x 0.175 x 0.075 (0.00335)CBM
Pop Up Waste - Overflow x 1 Weight:0.20KG. Dimension:0.07 x 0.07 x 0.11 (0.00054)CBM
Shower Head Handheld Rain 1069 x 1 Weight:0.10KG. Dimension:0.22 x 0.06 x 0.02 (0.00026)CBM
Shower Slide Square 1069 x 1 Weight:0.80KG. Dimension:0.7 x 0.15 x 0.09 (0.00945)CBM
Square Elbow Wall Shower Connection 1004- Female x 1 Weight:0.10KG. Dimension:0.065 x 0.055 x 0.08 (0.00029)CBM
Shower Waste trap x 1 Weight:0.50KG. Dimension:0.17 x 0.115 x 0.165 (0.00323)CBM
Shower Tray - Square Series 900X900mm Center x 1 Weight:14.00KG. Dimension:0.085 x 0.94 x 0.94 (0.07511)CBM
Shower Glass - Cape Series 900 Side Panel x 1 Weight:23.00KG. Dimension:0.07 x 0.91 x 1.89 (0.12039)CBM
Shower Glass - Cape Series 800-910mm Adjustable Door x 1 Weight:61.50KG. Dimension:0.42 x 0.865 x 1.89 (0.68664)CBM

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Bathroom Combo With 900mm Wall Hung Vanity

High quality I Suitable size I Reasonable price

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