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Kitchen Sink HQ-9168

1.Oversize:815×435×175mm  ,SS304,Thickness0.6..

NZ$99.00 NZ$110.00 Ex Tax: NZ$86.09

Kitchen Sink HQ-9571

1.Oversize:800×500×180mm  ,SS304,Thickness0.8..

NZ$100.00 NZ$120.00 Ex Tax: NZ$86.96

Kitchen Sink HQ-9137

1.Oversize:ф420×180mm,  SS304,Thickness0.8±0...

NZ$89.00 NZ$100.00 Ex Tax: NZ$77.39

Kitchen Sink HQ-9568

1.Oversize:1000×500×180 & 130mm  ,SS304,T..

NZ$129.00 NZ$160.00 Ex Tax: NZ$112.17

Kitchen Sink HQ-119

1.Oversize:600×4350×230mm  ,SS304,Thickness0...

NZ$100.00 Ex Tax: NZ$86.96

Kitchen Sink HQ-9563

1.Oversize:1150×480×200 & 170mm  ,SS304,T..

NZ$180.00 Ex Tax: NZ$156.52

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