FreeStanding Bath Tub

FreeStanding Bath Tub

Classic modern free-standing bath for the contemporary bathroom. 

The clean lines of the Plazia will compliment almost any sanitaryware choice. 

Manufactured using our unique ACRYMITE system the inner and outer are formed seamlessly so you see no join lines. 

The inner and outer is made in top quality acrylic sheet.

It does NOT have a thin gel-coat outer like many other baths meaning scratches can be easily removed using car restoration products.

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Freestanding Bathtub Oval 1700mm

NZ$1,560.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,356.52

Free Standing Acrylic Bath Square 6813B 1700mm

NZ$1,250.00 NZ$1,450.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,086.96

Free Standing Acrylic Bath Square 6813B 1500mm

NZ$1,450.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,260.87

Free Standing Acrylic Bath Oval 6812 1720mm

NZ$980.00 NZ$1,299.00 Ex Tax: NZ$852.17

Free Standing Acrylic Bath BTW Oval 6835 1700mm

NZ$1,399.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,216.52

Free Standing Acrylic Bath Oval 6812 1600mm

NZ$1,299.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,129.57

Freestanding Bathtub Square 1700mm

NZ$1,330.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,156.52

Freestanding Bath Royce Oval 1700mm

NZ$1,500.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,304.35

Freestanding Bath Royce Square 1700mm

NZ$1,380.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,200.00

Freestanding Bathtub Oval 1600mm

NZ$1,250.00 NZ$1,500.00 Ex Tax: NZ$1,086.96

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