Shower Mixer

Shower Mixer

The Mixer range offers the simplicity of the single lever control for temperature mix and water pressure flow. Like the 3 piece range, the mixer range gives you beautiful form with state of the art technology that delivers outstanding function.

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Shower Mixer - Round Series HD509A3

NZ$79.00 Ex Tax: NZ$68.70

Shower Mixer HD505D9 Mains Pressure

NZ$169.00 Ex Tax: NZ$146.96

Shower Mixer - Square Series JD-WS616CW

NZ$249.00 Ex Tax: NZ$216.52

Shower Mixer - Round Series HD509A20

NZ$69.00 NZ$85.00 Ex Tax: NZ$60.00

Shower Mixer - Round Series Aquatica Forte

NZ$169.00 Ex Tax: NZ$146.96

Aquatica Shower Mixer All Pressure

NZ$140.00 Ex Tax: NZ$121.74

Shower Mixer - Square Series Elementi

NZ$140.00 NZ$169.00 Ex Tax: NZ$121.74

Shower Mixer - Square Series JD-WS138-1W


NZ$229.00 Ex Tax: NZ$199.13

Shower Mixer - Round Series Methven Futura

NZ$329.00 Ex Tax: NZ$286.09

Shower Mixer - Square Series JD-WS216B

NZ$199.00 Ex Tax: NZ$173.04

Shower Mixer - Square Series CG615

NZ$159.00 Ex Tax: NZ$138.26

Shower Mixer - Square Series JD-WS217

NZ$299.00 Ex Tax: NZ$260.00

Shower Mixer - Square Series JD-WS254

NZ$189.00 Ex Tax: NZ$164.35

Shower Mixer - Square Series Reece002

NZ$199.00 Ex Tax: NZ$173.04

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