Back to wall

Back to wall

This stylish modern toilet from our back to wall range has a simple yet contemporary design which will add a designer finish to any modern bathroom. The simple lines of this modern toilet are complimented by its wrap over, soft close toilet seat. 

The back to wall toilet is one of our best-selling items, and it's not hard to see why. Pair this Wells approved, dual flush toilet with a stylish basin for the complete designer look. 

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Toilet Suite - BTW A3314B S/P Pan

NZ$429.00 Ex Tax: NZ$373.04

Toilet Suite - BTW A3988B S/P Pan

NZ$359.00 NZ$420.00 Ex Tax: NZ$312.17

Toilet Suite - BTW A3981 S/P Pan

NZ$320.00 NZ$420.00 Ex Tax: NZ$278.26

Toilet Suite - BTW Bella A3992 S/P Pan

NZ$450.00 Ex Tax: NZ$391.30

Toilet Suite - BTW Lydon A3970 S/P Pan

NZ$420.00 Ex Tax: NZ$365.22

Toilet Suite - BTW A3969B S/P Pan

NZ$299.00 Ex Tax: NZ$260.00

Toilet Suite - BTW CT10100 S/P Pan

NZ$450.00 Ex Tax: NZ$391.30

Toilet Suite - BTW A3988

NZ$525.00 Ex Tax: NZ$456.52

Toilet Suite - BTW CT10134 S/P Pan

NZ$420.00 Ex Tax: NZ$365.22

Back to Wall Toilet A3959

NZ$0.00 Ex Tax: NZ$0.00

Toilet Suite - BTW Bella A3958

NZ$350.00 Ex Tax: NZ$304.35

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